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ReneSola Shines at the Smart Energy Systems Exhibition in Lyon, France Open Energies 2024

From January 23 to 24, the Open Energies 2024 took place in Lyon, France. ReneSola brought the PREC, TOPCon, HJT, and other efficient modules made their debut, attracting the attention of many customers.



In January 2020, France published its Multi-annual Energy Plan (MAEP), which established targets for renewable energy development of 20.1GW by 2023 and 44GW by 2028. France plans to launch a tender process for renewable energy "by 2024" in order to achieve the target. Starting from the second half of 2019, there will be two ground-based photovoltaic power generation tenders per year, each with a maximum capacity of 1GW; rooftop solar tenders will be held three times a year, with each tender allowing up to 300MW.



As the largest and most influential renewable energy and building exhibition in France, ReneSola showcased the N-type TOPCon and HJT high-efficiency modules. These included the 182 N-type double glass and single-glass all-black modules with power outputs of 580W and 505W, respectively. The efficiency of the N-type double glass modules is 22.45%. The sales team explained the product advantages of the N-type TOPCon series of high-efficiency pv modules to customers. lower attenuation extend the lifespan of the photovoltaic module, improve high-temperature power generation performance, increase double-sided yield, enhance reliability, and more.

There were also 210 PERC double-glass modules with a power output of 670W and an efficiency of 21.57%, as well as 210 HJT all-black modules with a power output of 440W and an efficiency of 22.37%. These options cater to the diverse needs of not only residential users but also industrial、commercial and large-scale power stations, providing flexibility、efficiency and sustainability in power generation. And providing users with more clean energy alternatives. This technology is of great significance for advancing sustainable energy development.



ReneSola values the French market and is committed to providing environmentally friendly, efficient, and green clean energy solutions. At the exhibition, ReneSola's European sales team engaged  in-depth discussions with local customers and peers to gain insights into local clean energy policies and industry trends. They combined this culture with product advantages and market needs to tailor more suitable clean energy solutions for the region. The sales team provides timely feedback to customers and the market, prioritizes customer needs, delivers reliable and efficient product and service experiences, and promotes the sustainable development of local clean energy. The exhibition provided ReneSola with insights into industry development trends and market dynamics, opportunities to meet potential partners and customers, and valuable ideas and inspiration for future development.


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