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What benefits does the installation of distributed photovoltaic power generation systems bring to enterprises?

①Enterprises can save electricity bills every year and produce very considerable economic benefits

②Protect the roof waterproof layer to greatly reduce the aging of the roof

③The photovoltaic module array is installed on the roof to directly absorb solar energy to reduce the indoor temperature by 56 degrees and reduce energy consumption

④ During the peak period of power consumption of the enterprise, the factory will give priority to using the power produced by photovoltaics, which can greatly alleviate the peak power load on the grid-connected line and does not need to be troubled by power outages.

⑤ The project is in line with the national, provincial and municipal industrial policies, which will help enterprises achieve green building targets and energy conservation and emission reduction targets, obtain corresponding carbon emission trading targets, and establish a good environmental brand image for the enterprise.


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