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Subverting tradition and pioneering innovation--ReneSola’s high-strength alloy steel frame photovoltaic modules open a new chapter

Renesola's latest photovoltaic modules feature high-strength alloy steel frames.

Product: Rene 2N series. This product offers numerous advantages in terms of environmental protection, cost-effectiveness, corrosion resistance, and load strength. Steel frames are increasingly preferred over aluminum frames in a wide range of applications.


Environmental innovation

By utilizing high-strength alloy steel frame technology, we have effectively minimized carbon emissions during the processing of crude steel, making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to the electrolytic aluminum process. This innovation not only aligns with the trend of green energy development but also offers users more sustainable energy solutions, promoting the advancement of green energy.

High strength and reliability

The characteristics of steel provide the new frame with high strength, a high elastic modulus, and other advantages. This makes photovoltaic modules capable of bearing stronger loads and more reliable when facing harsh environmental conditions. The new frame has increased tear resistance, effectively reducing metal fatigue caused by the vibration of the mounting holes in extreme hurricane weather. The new coating, combined with a special structural design, significantly enhances its resistance to corrosion.

Stability and security

Compared to the thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum materials, the thermal expansion coefficient of steel is more stable. This stability can significantly reduce the risk of glass bursting when there are drastic temperature changes. This feature provides an additional guarantee for the safe operation of photovoltaic modules, particularly under extreme climate conditions.

Efficient Protective Film

The new frame utilizes a dense protective film made of "galvanized aluminum magnesium" with self-healing capabilities. This film provides an extra layer of protection for the components, enhancing their durability and resistance to corrosion. This indicates that photovoltaic modules can perform effectively in diverse application environments and sustain efficient energy conversion over an extended period.

Reduce expenses

Compared to traditional aluminum frames, there is not much difference in the transportation and installation of the new frames, which will not result in additional costs. This option offers users a more convenient and cost-effective choice, making green energy more practical and achievable.


ReneSola's steel frame products have successfully expanded into the Japanese market, offering users in Japan more affordable and reliable solar solutions. It's part of our commitment to promoting renewable energy worldwide.

ReneSola's high-strength alloy steel frame PV modules represent a technological innovation and a positive contribution to a sustainable energy future. "We look forward to offering innovative solutions to meet your energy needs and to promote environmental advancement."


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